12th Annual Apple Pie Contest

And the winners are...

Double Crust

1st: Marina Michahelles

Northern Spy

2nd: Katie Culp

Sweet 16 & Jonagold

3rd: Jeff Leffeld

Swiss Gourmet & Winesap

Crumb Top

1st: Betsy Sarles

Swiss Gourmet

2nd: Stacie Smith

Sweet 16, Empire & Golden Delicious

3rd: Khalika Moore

Swiss Gourmet, Sweet 16, Hidden Rose & Snow Sweet

pc9-2We would like to thank everyone who attended our 12th Annual Apple Pie Contest! We had lots of fun, the judges (all members of the Bard community) survived -and enjoyed!- eating so much pie, and the patience of the onlookers while we tallied up the results was reasonably civil! Which is a true challenge when you are holding a plate and a fork and facing the fragrance of 30 apple pies… We are so grateful to all of you for making this event as big as it is for us- it’s really all of you, and your enthusiasm (and desire to win…) that makes it such a joy for us. This year we had all kinds of contestants- so many locals that we see at the market every day (we love you guys!), a mother/son team (did ya’ll SEE that AWESOME Star Wars themed piecrust…??), two chefs-in-training from the Culinary Institute, and a few of our local farmers, including our dear Marina Michahelles from Shoving Leopard Farm, who WON 1st place in the Double Crust! We bet you a dollar that if you ask her what her secret was, she’ll tell you all the details…but what we can say is that there were Northern Spy apples involved, and some cooking of the apples before they went into the pie dish. You’ll have to ask her yourself for more that that!

And as always, we love seeing which apple varieties were in the winning pies. We are happy to note that the saying, “Spys are for Pies” rings true, and that the humble Swiss Gourmet turns up in more that one winning pie. We still have both of those varieties at the market for the coming weekend, as well as many other great varieties for baking, if you want to try your hand at a homemade pie.

Thanks so much, everyone. You make our lives, our farm, and our market A LOT sweeter. And thanks to our own Natalie Blakey, our long-time farm stand worker, for taking all of the pictures for this event!












November 16, 2016

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