Places to go for pick-your-own

jonagold-2-640x480Although our farm has not offered pick-your-own for many years, we seem to have been listed in quite a few online and local publications this season! Whoops! We’re not quite sure how this happens, but we figure that everyone is so excited to come visit the magical Hudson Valley these days that when local tourism information goes to print, perhaps everyone is too busy to give us a call first and see if we should be listed…? We apologize for any confusion, but you have to laugh…you know you live in a small town when you haven’t offered pick-your-own for over 15 years, but the locals are still pretty sure you do…

Anyway, we though maybe we could help you all out, and pass along some links to OUR favorite local pick-your-own farms.

First off, if you haven’t visited the Rose Hill Farm, which is right up the road in Red Hook, we insist that you go there! Today! We love Rose Hill Farm, for so many reasons, but mainly it is because it’s one of the oldest farms in our area, and it’s history is really special. The Rose Hill Farm has been in operation since 1798! Please go? Check out their Instagram @rosehillfarm_ny to see the beauty we’re talking about…

Next up is our fave Mead Orchards in Tivoli, NY. Remember those delicious blueberries we had this past summer?? And if you’ve had the winter squash we sell at our market right now?? That’s all from Chuck Mead’s lovely farm, which was founded by his family in 1916. They’re open on weekends.

If you are in Rhinebeck, check out Cedar Heights Farm, also family owned and operated for over 150 years.

And if you’re in the mood for an adventure, we’ve been really wanting to check out the Westwind Orchard in Accord, NY. They don’t offer pick-your-own apples, but it looks like they might still have raspberries, and they do really cool weekend events with cider-tastings and homemade pizza. Yes. PIZZA.

We hope this little list of pick-your-own farms helps, and we’ll update it with some more farms this week.

Have a great day, everyone!

p.s. Last day for Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck!



October 15, 2016

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