Talea’s Newsletter – June21, 2017

Farm Market Opening Day

Sugar Snap Peas

Hello and Welcome to our 2017 Season!
We are so happy to announce that the
Farm Stand will officially open Wednesday, June 21st   That this date coincides with the Summer Solstice can only mean good things.

9am – 6pm

Closed on Mondays

We have been busy here with the usual spring activities – it was a little wetter and cooler than we might like, and so some things got planted later than we would have wanted, BUT, everything is growing beautifully.It has been a great spring for Sugar Snap peas and they will make their first debut for you on opening day.

We will also have our own first-of-the-season Red Raspberries, Kale, and Garlic Scapes.

Sweet Cherries will also make their first appearance – We picked them up at Fix Brothers Farm today.  We all held our breath through those rain storms that came through on Monday.  Sweet Cherries are so risky to grow – IF it rains too much just before they are ready to harvest, it causes the cherry to explode and crack.   Thankfully, we did not get as much rain as predicted and it still looks like there will be a great Cherry crop (for the next 24 hours anyway – the weather is always changing!).

I always have loved cherries – they are how I ‘sealed the deal’ (35 years ago) of getting Doug to marry me. I took him into a cherry orchard JUST before harvest – the word beguiling comes to mind…

I promise that a thorough newsletter will be coming soon. This is a very special season for us.

We started here in 1987 and I was 5 months pregnant with our son Adam – he just turned 30. So many memories and we will be sharing them with you as we go through this season.

We will start at the beginning – this is what the farm stand looked like in 1987?
MOntgomery Place Orchards 1987

 We are so looking forward to sharing this special harvest with all of you!

Doug and Talea

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