Open House Event

June 08, 4-8 pm

You’re invited to our Open House Event You will be free to walk through the orchards at dusk, view the partially renovated barn spaces including our jam kitchen and cidery, and see Idunn Clothing’s showroom with naturally dyed linen clothing. Drinks and snacks will be provided, but feel free to bring something if you wish.

Jam and honey will be available for purchase.

$10 per person suggested donation


Honey Bee Tour

May 19, 10am-12pm

Talea and Adam invite you to our “spring season classroom” to learn about the fascinating honey bee and the important role it plays in agriculture. This tour is typically for pre-k to 2nd graders, but is open to all ages.

Our 2 hr session is broken into two parts.

Session I: The children will play “BE A BEE” game to learn the insect body parts. They they will go on a tractor drawn hayride to the farm where they will see how we get honey from the hive and into the jar with different varieties for sampling. We have a large observation hive and the children will get a real close up view of honey bees at work and hopefully find the Queen bee. to finish this session, the children will play the “PHEROMONE PHIND” to learn how insects use pheromones for communication.

Session II: We will take a walk into the orchards to see fruit blossoms and the bees pollinating the blossoms. We will study the blossoms in an age appropriate manner- younger children will identify the pollen- older children will dissect and name flower parts. We will then have a lesson on the amazing beehive and follow up with our intensive hands on activity where the group will be transformed into an active beehive.

You’re invited to bring a lunch to enjoy at the end of the tour.

$10 per person


All MPO orchard events will be held on farm. Visitors should arrive promptly to 8 Davis Way in Red Hook.