Cheesemaking Workshop

June 01, 12:30-3:00 pm

You’ll participate in making yogurt, creme fraiche, whole milk ricotta and paneer using fresh milk from a local Hudson Valley dairy and leave with the skills to start making deliciously fresh cheeses for your friends and family in your own home kitchen.

There will be samples for sharing and discussion of the health benefits and science behind the cheesemaking process in this hands-on workshop.

Topics covered will include:

·       sourcing milk

·       equipment

·       shelf life

·       nutrition

·       serving suggestions

$65 per person


Fermenting Vegetables Workshop

June 08, 12:30-3:00 pm

Susan will cover all the basics to get you started on making sauerkraut, kimchi, ginger carrots and apple cider vinegar in this hands-on workshop. Delicious samples will be available for tasting.

While you’re chopping and slicing vegetables we’ll discuss:

·     health benefits of fermented foods

·     how to avoid mold and unsavory bacteria

·     how to keep those ferments crunchy

·     Equipment

$75 per person


Susan Chiappini

A passionate home cook and lover of science, Susan Chiappini has taught cooking classes in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New York. She holds a PhD in human physiology and is beginning year three as supervisor of the Montgomery Place Orchard Farm Kitchen. She enjoys entertaining, quilting and hiking the Hudson Valley while watching her four grown children come and go. She makes her home in Rhinebeck, NY with her husband of 27 years.