January 26, 2018


Happy New Year Everyone!

During the season Susan and Dawn made some sensational Cider donuts for all of you.  Doug has been making donuts every Friday for Annabelle’s Sweets and Treats in Red Hook and he takes his donuts seriously – personally, I think they are the BEST!  (please do not tell Susan or Dawn that I say this.) 

We would like your opinion on this, sooo…

Doug will be making

Apple Cider Donuts

THIS Saturday – January 27th

10:00am until they are gone! 

(For larger orders, please call (845)758-6338 and leave us a message with your order)

Donuts, honey and jam (and some Fuji apples)
will be available on an Honor System
 in the Honey Room here at the farm location:

Montgomery Place Orchards
8 Davis Way
Red Hook, NY

Directions: Enter the main gate at Montgomery Place,
make your first right and
head toward all the yellow farm barns.

The ‘HONEY ROOM’ is the small building located
between farm house and big yellow barn.

Because we are set up on an honor system, we
can only accept cash or personal check.

 For those of you we may not see this Saturday, I thought I would give you a quick update on what is happening here at the farm.  It is quieter and we are getting rest and re-charged and excited for 2018.

January is our “Get all the paperwork done” month.   Or I should say, should have gotten all the paperwork done.  Doug and I are the kind of people that need to visually see what work we have accomplished.  That means we are not as proficient at paperwork as we should be.  Now this does not mean that we do not get any paper work done.  We grudgingly get the tax planning done, but budgeting, insurance, programming… well, it is just that there always seems to be something more important to do… clean and organize the pack house, clean and organize the cidery, clean up and burn brush piles.  

But… there is one kind of paperwork that we really love to do and that is ordering seeds and plant material.  It is so easy for us to get excited about the upcoming season and as Doug says we have a warped mentality because “In January, everything is possible”.   Our optimism is WAY over the top and we find ourselves saying things like…. 

Let’s do a HUGE potato planting this year – we ordered 550 pounds of seed potatoes.

(Even though we hardly know anything about growing potatoes, but in January everything is possible!)

Let’s double the green bean and zucchini plantings.

(Even though last year we had trouble keeping up with the harvest of what was planted, but in January everything is possible!)

Let’s grow a LOT more Basil, we can just turn it into Pesto.

(We will figure out WHO will make all the pesto later because it is January now and everything is possible!)

But now January is just about gone and we move on to February – my FAVORITE month.  Most of you probably do not share my enthusiasm for February, but I have always felt like this month is an extra gift God gives to me to get things done.  Now is the time that we have to really get down to pruning.

I am responsible for the black raspberries and Doug is responsible for the younger fruit trees.  We are not good pruning together, we talk too much and things do not get done.  We find it is better to be competitive – we come in at the end of the day and say “How much did you get done??”  If the weather is bad, then we go back to that paperwork that we did not get done in January.

We love the winter – we love ALL the seasons. As farmers we are blessed to be able to appreciate what each season offers.  Winter is our time (when I say this, I refer to plants and humans) to rest a little, re-charge and get ready for the spring.  Hopefully we will get all the paperwork done and as for our optimism when ordering seeds and plant material …who knows?  Maybe we will have Banana trees growing here this summer because…..

In January everything is possible!

Hope to see you all soon,
Doug and Talea



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