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Whenever I sit down to write a newsletter, I go back to the last one I sent just to see how we were feeling.  

My last newsletter was January and boy …  we were SO optimistic!  Everything is possible?   We had such plans to be really organized this spring – we even created a motto for this season: PRO-active rather than re-act(ive).

There were employee meetings where we created job descriptions and operating manuals.  Packaging supplies, jars, labels and more were ordered and organized.  We were on a Pro-active attack.

Then it was April and we had little hints of spring.  The apricots started to blossom and we started to get cautiously excited (that fear of a spring frost is always at the back of your mind).  The plums, cherries, peaches, and apple blossoms followed to give us one of the most beautiful and best blossom seasons we have ever seen!    

An orchard in bloom is my absolute favorite time of year.  My dad, the most enthusiastic apple grower I ever knew, passed away in March of 2008.  One of the last things he said to me was, “Boy, I wish that I could see one more apple blossom season”.  Because of that, I NEVER take seeing an orchard in bloom for granted and this year was just so beautiful – it just fills you with hope and anticipation.

My husband calls it Seduction.  Doug feels that the trees get all dressed up (blossoms) and then put on perfume (that wonderful apple blossom smell that I think Heaven will smell like) and so he is ‘seduced’ into taking care of them.   


And here is where our motto of PRO-active rather than re-act(ive) gets switched.  We REACT to the beauty and that makes us be PROACTIVE to take care of it all.

And so, with no frost and GREAT fruit set on EVERYTHING, we have found that Spring has sprung and so we JUMP from job to job - from getting the fields ready for plantings to planting potatoes and peas to painting the workshop to planting apple trees to putting up a new greenhouse to seeding more plants in the greenhouse to transplanting zucchini, kale, cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers to mowing to cleaning and painting the farm stand to trellising the peas to mowing to pruning the plums, to tying up the raspberries to mowing to thinning the peaches, to mowing to weeding the strawberries, to putting posts in the tomatoes, did I mention mowing?  

Please do not think that we are complaining – it just feels as though life is in a frenzy and we dream of being in control and that there was more time to get everything done!  That we could be PRO-active and not just reacting.  Now…. most of the vegetable plants have been planted, the raspberries are all trellised, the trees are pruned, and so I think maybe, just maybe, we can get a handle on everything and then I see this:

So that means it is time to open the farm stand.  Now don’t go getting too excited!  We WILL be at the farm stand this weekend Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd from 9am - 4pm. But we really do not have anything to sell.  But we would like your money?   

Our farm is a seasonal business and there is no cash flow from January til June. I remember Norm Greig saying once that in May a $1.00 bill feels like a $20.00 bill to a farmer.  We borrow money against our operating loan to get us through. We would like to change this. 

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms were designed to help with this problem.  We thought that maybe we could take this idea and mold it to fit the needs here at Montgomery Place Orchards.

For those of you unfamiliar with the CSA method, the basic idea is as follows:

When you become a member of a CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of produce from a regional farmer. Weekly or bi-weekly, from June until October or November, your farmer will deliver that share of produce to a convenient drop-off location in your neighborhood. 

CSA members pay for an entire season of produce upfront. This early bulk payment enables your farmer to plan for the season, purchase new seed, make equipment repairs, and more. 

We would like to adapt this idea of ‘cash upfront” with a creative use of our farm stand Gift Card. With a CSA you are given a share of produce each week that is selected by the grower.  With our Gift Card idea, you get to choose what produce (or jam, honey, cheese) you would like to get and when you want to get it.

We will have three options:

MPO Gift Card C.S.A. Options:

  1. Purchase a Gift Card of any amount you'd like, from $10 and up.

  2. Purchase a Gift Card of $150 and we will give you a free MPO tote bag!

  3. Purchase a Gift Card of $250 and we will give you $275 worth of product!

*All Gift Cards must be redeemed during the 2018 farm season*


We hope you like this idea.  I have been meaning to try and get this offer out to you since March, but….  Well, it got busy!
We DO hope to OFFICIALLY open the Farm Stand on Friday, June 8th with the first arrival of STRAWBERRIES.
I promise to write another Newsletter early next week to fill you in on all of that.  
  So….  We hope to see you at the farm stand this Saturday and Sunday so that you can purchase some Gift Cards or just to say HELLO.   There may be some Red Russian Kale and Bok Choi for sale...and honey!
As always…..

Doug and Talea


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